Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Master Chef Q&A: Ink's Michael Voltaggio Connects with Nobu Matsuhisa

Michael Ovitz partner Michael Voltaggio at Matsuhisa
"Its a quiet afternoon at Matsuhisa Restaurant on North La Cienega, where two of LA's top chefs are deep in conversation over sliders and yellowtail jalapeno.  Nobu Matsuhisa is extolling the virtues of dried miso and Yuzu soy sauce, while Michael Voltaggio muses about the art of keeping customers.  There are juicy Hollywood stories, too- Matsuhisa regales Voltaggio with a tale from the late '80s, when Voltaggio's now-business partner Michael Ovitz called Matshuhisa personally to make sure he would take a reservation from a young Tom Cruise.

So it's fitting when a Hollywood-style moment transpires and Voltaggio, 34, fearless chef/owner of Melrose's Ink. and Ink.sack breaks the proverbial fourth wall to make an effusive announcement to the rest of the room.  "Can I just say I didn't know Nobu was going to be here today? This is literally one of the coolest things I've ever done," says LA's hottest molecular gastronomist.  "To me, it's a lot like sitting down to dinner with the president of the United States."  It's clear that Top Chef season six winner Voltaggio has a healthy appreciation for-if not fixation on-fine sushi and the masters who make it.

Read L.A. Confidential's entire Q&A session with Michael Voltaggio, Love at First Bite (located on page 80 of this link)

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