Monday, April 1, 2013

Secrets of Hollywood's Best-Dressed Male Agents

Michael Ovitz dark suitWhatever happened to the traditional dark suit? The legends all wore them: Michael Ovitz, Lew Wasserman, and others helped define the iconic dark suit as a Hollywood sartorial staple, a trend that has persisted to present day but appears to now be changing. According to The Hollywood Reporter, while most agents still style the traditional dark Hugo Boss or Zegna suit with Prada, Gucci or Bally shoes, an increasing percentage have turned to a flashier palette.

"There’s a group of agents that are very fashion-forward, so whatever the new style is -- slimmer-cut suit, skinny lapels or big, thick ties -- they are on that train," says UTA licensing agent Andrew Francis. For this new look, a patterned suit, a striped shirt and a paisley tie might show up in a single outfit, while "Mad Men-inspired pocket squares, tie clips and vests have made for more distinctive style".  As an example, THR describes the "impressive glances" attracted by APA partner Brian Dow as he strolled home in a "three-piece Donegal tweed with peaked lapels, his tie and shirt boasting different black-and-white checkered patterns".

Still, despite these impressive advances in tailoring, the paisley tie alone is not going to land the huge client or deal.  It's the agent that does that, not the suit.

Read more about the Secrets of Hollywood's Best-Dressed Male Agents in The Hollwood Reporter.


  1. Nice summary. I'm still going for the old-school Black Armani as part of the collection!

  2. Still overdressed is best dressed Gentlemen you never get a second chance to make a first impression !