Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hamasaku's Cod Sperm Sushi Roll

Michael Ovitz's Hamasaku serving cod sperm roll
Michael Ovitz's sushi restaurant Hamasaku is now serving the seasonal delicacy, cod sperm sushi, provoking inevitable sophomoric quips from the Los Angeles food critic world; as one Squid Ink writer describes his intention to eat 'a lot of it.  Without gagging'.

Through February, this seasonal delicacy is being offered in short supply, both 'poached with ponzu and grilled on nigiri for true skeet-freaks, as well as in tempura form for those seeking a more cautious approach.'

The flavor is 'delicate, creamy, like a rich tofu or a mild monkfish liver.'

Read the articles in their entirety, Grub Street's Hamasaku Releases Limited Supply of Cod Sperm and Zagat's Sperm Sushi at Hamasaku.

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  1. Ha! Have got to try it - it says available seasonally in February - is it still at Hamasaku or did I miss the window?