Monday, January 28, 2013

Kimberly Ovitz Releases New Jewelry Line

Michael Ovitz's daughter Kimberly Ovitz
Photo Credit: Kyle Ericksen
Michael Ovitz's daughter, fashion designer Kimberly Ovitz, has released a new jewelry line in her premier Kimberly Ovitz With Shape collection, to debut Feb 7, 2013 at New York Fashion Week. The collection was most recently covered in this WWD article, Kimberly Ovitz's Tech Take on Jewelry (subscr. only).  The line is decidedly unorthodox and modern, featuring 'a more alternative take on contemporary jewelry, such as a ring that extends and hugs the area between the index finger and the thumb or a bracelet that wraps around the wrist and connects to the hand with a ring.'

Natural Inspiration
Michael Ovitz's daughter Kimbelry Ovitz's mood board
Photo Credit: Kyle Ericksen
Ovitz's aesthetic is often driven by themes and motifs gathered from the natural world, accompanied by an abstract, creative twist.  For her jewelry line, Ovitz says she 'didn't want to do your typical foray into jewelry'.  She took as her inspiration 'natural defense mechanisms' and 'innate protection systems' of the animal and insect world.  '...I saw a lot of armor, camouflage and colors I would expect to be synthetic but you actually see in nature,' Ovitz said.

Tech Savvy
The production of Ovitz's jewelry is remarkably tech savvy.  'Most of the pieces... are created via 3-D printing from structured, lightweight nylon and produced through a partnership with 3-D printing marketplace.'   This technology 'allows talent to digitally manipulate the materials in a way not possible using traditional design processes'.  The advantage of this cutting-edge approach is also its immediacy; Ovitz plans to allow customers to order jewelry directly from the moment it debuts on the runway, and also will 'use crowdsourcing to get input from followers about colors and will even let them personalize their own pieces.'

Read the entire WWD article, Kimberly Ovitz's Tech Take on Jewelry (subscription only)


  1. I've read a bit about this 3-D paper cutting laser technology used in other industries. I wonder if shapeways is the company that does this for everyone or if their niche is fashion. Creative use by Kimberly Ovitz.

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