Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Innovative Housing for the Homeless by Michael Maltzan

Michael Ovitz architect Michael Maltzan's latest project
The architect of Michael Ovitz's residence, Michael Maltzan, was recently featured here in our article The Work of Michael Maltzan.  Today we're following up with an L.A. Times article on Maltzan's latest project, an innovative housing project built in conjunction with the Skid Row Housing Trust.  The downtown project is a 102 unit, $20.5 million dollar complex consisting of of pre-outfitted, highly modern apartments stacked atop one another in 'Lego-like fashion', believed to be the 'first multi-tenant residential building in the nation constructed this way.'

"Like all of the Skid Row Housing Trust's 24 homes for the homeless, the sleek and distinctive Star Apartments are meticulously styled to look nothing like typical low-income housing.

The project, designed by award-winning architect Michael Maltzan, will include basketball courts, art centers, community gardens and hundreds of feet of green space. The stacking of apartment units began last week, and the bulk of the construction should be done by mid-January.

The Star Apartments will house up to 100 formerly homeless, with an emphasis on residents who are repeat patients at area emergency rooms or who have never received needed treatment for chronic medical conditions, said Mike Alvidrez, executive director of the Skid Row Housing Trust.

Residents will pay 30% of their monthly job or government assistance income as rent but are not required to seek on-site medical treatment, psychiatric counseling, drug or alcohol treatment or therapy as a condition of residency."

Michael Ovitz architect Michael Maltzan
The work demonstrates the diverse range of projects Michael Maltzan has undertaken throughout his career, all cohesively designed with an eye for how people move within a given space.  All of Maltzan's work thoughtfully and elegantly integrates architectural design with the purpose and function of a structure.

Read the entire L.A. Times article, Innovative Housing for the Homeless Being Built in Downtown L.A.

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