Monday, November 19, 2012

Kimberly Ovitz Cooks Spicy Gazpacho for Fashionista

Michael Ovitz - Kimberly Ovitz at Fashionista
Michael Ovitz's daughter, fashion designer Kimberly Ovitz, recently filmed an entertaining video with Fashionista's David Yi featuring a great recipe for 'spicy gazpacho'.  While she and David prepare the dish, Kimberly tells anecdotes about 'the time she had to write and apology letter to Karl Lagerfeld' as well as the day she received a call from TMZ in 2011 about Lindsay Lohan wearing one of Kimberly's dresses to court!

Read the article, 'We Cook Spicy Gazpacho with Kimberly Ovitz and She Tells Us About That Time She Had to Write an Apology Letter to Karl Lagerfeld' and watch the video there as well.

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